Hair Cut

  • Men Hair Cut

    Hair Cut Only, Head Massage, Hair Style+Wash, Hair Spa.

  • Highlighting

    Highlighting the hairs for a Dashing look of hairs According to your face .

  • Rebouding

    The Rebonding process that has become so popular in many circles. This is a straightening service that combines the “straight perm” service of using a perm solution to break the disulfide bonds in the hair, with heat straightening, neutralizing and a keratin protein treatment step to ensure pin-straight, smooth hair.

  • Hair Colour

    Hair color falls into four basic categories: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Grays. Every possible color of hair fits into one of these categories and some fall into two categories at the same time.


  • Herbal Bleach

    when we talk about bleaching the hair, we often describe the process as the bleaching agent dispersing the color molecules from within the hair shaft. Doing this helps to convey that there is a structural change to the hair as well as a cosmetic one.

  • Fruit Bleach

    Fruit Bleach also has an effect on the structural integrity of the hair shaft as well. The more oxidation occurs, the more damage is done to the hair as a whole. Therefore, when trying to oxidize large quantities of melanin (such as when trying to lighten very dark hair to a very light color) you can cause significant damage to the hair as a result.

  • Imported Jolen Bleach

    Jolen Crème Bleach is a cream and powder which when mixed together lightens dark excess facial and body hair in just 10 minutes. Even the smallest, most sensitive areas of the face and body can be treated. Hair is lightened to a less noticeable shade, blending with natural skin tones – skin colour is not affected, making Jolen kind yet effective.

  • Cheryl's Bleach

    OxyDerm Bleeches With Gold Peptides With Ayur Sunscreen Lotion 50ml Cheryl’s OxyDerm Gold Bleach is a very safe, easy to use bleach and the only anti-ageing bleaching system which enhances radiance and promotes lighter looking skin while protecting it from the harmful effect of free radicals.


  • Herbal Facial

    Look naturally glowing and fairer using the Herbal Facial Kit. It contains everything your need to get radiant skin tone.

  • Fruit Facial

    Fruit Facial is a rich source of an enzyme called “papain” and vitamin A, which together help in breaking down inactive proteins and thereby sloughing off dead skin cells. It also hydrates the skin and maintains its oil balance.

  • Pearl Facial

    Pearl, the jewel of the sea, is a rich reserve of calcium, magnesium, zinc, strontium, selenium, and 20-22 amino acids. Pearl Bhasma or ash is a natural moisturizer. It contains proteins which renew the skin cells, and vitamin B complex and Polysaccharides which strengthen and improve the metabolism of the skin.

  • Diamond Facial

    Diamond facial is obtained through heating and pulverizing diamonds with herbs has cell renewing and rejuvenating properties. It also improves skin’s metabolism, helps in absorption of active ingredients, and hydrates and detoxifies skin.

  • Snow White Facial

    For Dry & Sensitive Skin An Often Forgotten Or Unknown Skin Care Practice Comes From The Fact That Regular Snow White Facial Is A VERY Important Part Of A Good Skin Care & Beauty Regimen

Groom Packages

  • Groom Royal Package

    Cleansing, Facial(03+) with mask, Face Bleach, Manicure, Padicure,Hair Cut, Shave, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Spa, Head Massage, Air Brush Digital Groom Make-Up, Full Body Polishing, Full Body Bleach, Hair Style.

  • Groom Platinum Package

    Cleansing, Facial, Face Bleach, Manicure, Padicure,Hair Cut, Shave, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Spa, Head Massage, Micro Make-Up, CTM,  Body Polishing, Hair Style.

  • Aroma Groom Package

    Facial, Bleach, Manicure, Padicure, Hair Cut, Shave, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Spa, Head Massage, Threading.

  • Air Brush Digital Groom Make-Up (3D)

    Dress-up with hair style.

  • Micro Groom Make-Up

    Dress-up with hair style.

  • Kryolan Groom Make-Up

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